Mission & Vision

Whiztal.io is governed by the founding principle of merit (or equality). We believe that when it comes to hiring and freelancing, the process of hiring and being hired should be based on merit.

We are aware of the needs of both job-seeking engineers and companies – engineers who don’t want to be bogged down in full-time relationship, valuing flexibility, creativity and freedom to do what they love to do. And companies that wish to recruit highly-skilled and exceptionally gifted individuals without having to pay yearly benefits and bonuses.

This platform serves as a perfect meeting point for this. With our remote job management platform, we connect companies with vetted freelance talent. We are committed to helping companies get the best skilled talent and helping freelancers to compete for jobs based on merit, not rate.

Meet the Team

Our Leadership

george avgoustidis

Managing Director and Co-Founder

George is an an avid entrepreneur and angel investor. His core areas of investing and business development are in technology, advertising and network marketing.

When he is not busy nurturing new businesses, he can be found doing Aikido and race car driving.

dr. visham ramsurrun

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Visham holds a BSc (Hons) and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Middlesex University. Visham also holds several professional training qualifications and certifications like the Huawei Certified Academy Instructor (HCAI), Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

His research interest areas include Networking and Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Technologies, Smart Technology development for houses, cities and fields like Healthcare, Agriculture etc.

io katsina

Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder

Io’s expertise is in UI/UX design. She plans, directs and sets the strategic direction of the creative services and social media marketing program. Prior to co-founding Whiztal, she co-founded digital education startup with an install base of million plus users.

Io is a technologist and creative designer at heart with unique understanding of the UI/UX design language principles that result in attracting consumer attention and encourage consumer engagement.

anshu singh

Chief Technical Officer

Veteran techie with experience in several industries across two decades. He has led teams in semiconductor design, backend development, frontend development, mobile app development and data science.

Anshu has a masters degree in engineering from University of Utah. When he is not busy coding, he can be found running long distance trails and long distance open sea swimming.

mohuniish keetarut

Chief Financial Officer

FCCA, Licensed auditor (FRC)

Mohuniish Keetarut has a decade long professional experience in the field of auditing and forensic accounting in banking, retail services and FMCG sector.

Mohuniish is also a Partner, External auditor with MSK & Associates. When he is not busy managing money, he enjoys Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu and hitting the gym packing muscles.